Powering performance for the elite


"Within the first few weeks of taking it daily, I just felt better and always on. It has allowed me to power through training and a busy working schedule.”

Tom Mitchell - AFL Brownlow Medalist


“I quickly realised there is no denying Modex works. There is strong scientific evidence to back up everything it's meant to do. I noticed the positive effects around immunity, performance, recovery and brain function after just a couple of weeks of taking it daily."

Luke Mathews - Olympic middle distance runner


"I have been taking Modex every morning for the last 2 months. After the first couple of weeks I realised positive changes in my energy, the rate in which I was recovering, the capacity to fit more into my training load and my ability to focus.”

James Tedesco - NRL


"What sparked my interest in this product was the plethora of scientific evidence on its natural active ingredient Pycnogenol and the amount of benefits it has. I take it to assist with immunity, performance, recovery, and mental focus. It has been a game-changer for my training and otherwise busy life.”

Morgan Mitchell - Olympic Runner


Modex has been great for my training. With longer-lasting energy throughout the day and also great for recovery after those tough sessions

Tim Berkel - 5 x Ironman Champion


"It's the natural way to take the training up to 11. Modex allows me to push harder and ride longer than I thought that I could, particularly on training days when more effort is required and i need to dig a little deeper. I also love that it's natural and it keeps me going through the work day and with family life after I have been riding." 

Jon Odams - XC / Enduro Cyclist

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