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Do More. Naturally. Every Day

Incorporating Modex® into your daily routine lends many benefits for sports nutrition.

As a beneficial ingredient, French maritime pine bark extract is both clinically proven and far superior to a number of common counterparts found in sports nutrition. Meanwhile, 98% of studies on pine bark extract are focussed on Pycnogenol, making it a gold standard ingredient. What 160 of these clinical studies have shown is that the potent ingredient helps boost the production of Nitric Oxide (NO), increasing blood flow while reducing both inflammation and oxidative stress. Athletes can expect notable improvements to performance, endurance, and recovery.

You might ask yourself, why Pycnogenol and not just good old Beet Juice? We’re glad you asked. Pycnogenol has a more efficient pathway of generating Nitric Oxide in the endothelial cells, where it is most needed for the active athlete.

Modex balances Pycnogenol with aloe vera, papain enzyme, and honey to supercharge the delivery and effect. The formula’s concentration was purposefully designed to mimic other body fluids like blood, so as to optimise the rapid absorption of Pycnogenol and other nutrients into the bloodstream. Acting on endothelial cells, it switches on the synthesis of the enzyme eNOS (endothelial nitric oxide synthase). This accelerates the conversion of L-arginine amino acid, increasing your body’s ability to produce Nitric Oxide. With an increase of this powerful vasodilator comes improved blood flow, allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach the muscles at a faster rate.

Hasta certified Modex Pycnogenol sport supplement

Every batch of Modex is HASTA Certified, meaning it’s been tested for more than 200 WADA banned substances and has also undergone a comprehensive quality review and verification testing. It comes available as either a 1-litre single bottle or as 8 individual 100ml shots, You can take the supplement in one of two simple ways:

  • consume 100ml 1-4 hours before training or a race or a big game
  • consume 30ml at any time throughout the day, thereby maintaining general health and fitness levels

No matter which intake method you choose, you can expect to see notable improvements to performance, endurance, and recovery. That’s not to mention cognitive benefits such as an enhanced attention span and the ability to sustain concentration for prolonged periods of time. There’s a reason athletes go wild for this supplement and you will too.

Modex® is a patented liquid formulation containing the natural ingredient Pycnogenol which aids Nitric Oxide production, improves oxygen utilisation (VO2 max), reduces oxidative stress and extends lactate threshold. Our other ingredients; enzyme Papain (from Papaya), Aloe Vera and Honey make up this unique formulation of natural ingredients which supercharges the delivery & effect of Pycnogenol in the body, allowing you to Do More. Naturally. Every Day. 

Pycnogenol® French maritime pine bark extract is now one of the most well researched ingredients available on the market of science-based and innovative health solutions, with more than 450 scientific publications and 160 clinical trials over 40 years of research. 

    Modex Pycnogenol Sports supplement

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