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"Very noticeable aid in my workout efforts. Looking forward to using more regularly and seeing what can be achieved"

Vince Murdock - Professional Fighter UFC


"I’ve been using ‘Modex’ to assist with my training and recovery and have been so impressed with it.

One benefit I wasn’t expecting was how much it’s helped reduce inflammation in my body, specifically in my neck and shoulder, where I’ve been experiencing chronic pain for YEARS. I no longer have to rely on pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs to deal with the constant pain I was experiencing."

Nicole Mitsigeorgis - Veris Team Road Cyclist


“I’ve never really believed in 'natural performance enhancing products' until a friend of mine forced me to try Modex before one of our sessions. That very training session, I had never felt as strong and filled with the desire and strength to push as hard as I did! I actually wanted to keep going!
I didn’t believe it was Modex that made me feel like that.. Until - 5 weeks later of using it daily - I’ve never felt faster, stronger or more determined to keep performing! My niggles and tired limbs are no more and most importantly, I have improved mental clarity and focus".

Harry Young - Triathlete


I recently competed in the World Championships in Prague and had severe inflammation in my right knee from injury and training. Modex eliminated the inflammation and I was able to achieve a fantastic result of 3rd.

Paul Fenech - Australian Karate Champion


Modex has been great for my training. With longer-lasting energy throughout the day and also great for recovery after those tough sessions

Tim Berkel - 4 x Ironman Champion


"It's the natural way to take the training up to 11. Modex allows me to push harder and ride longer than I thought that I could, particularly on training days when more effort is required and i need to dig a little deeper. I also love that it's natural and it keeps me going through the work day and with family life after I have been riding." 

Jon Odams - XC / Enduro Cyclist


"I have been using Modex for a few months now. When training at a high Intensity my legs felt lighter and I was was able to train at the high intensity for longer. My recovery felt like I was able to get more breath in and between reps I felt sharper and more fresh. Overall I absolutely love using my Modex"

Chloe McLennan - 2 X U19 World Champion Triathlete


“I’ve been using your product most days now before training and racing and I really think it’s helping me. I’ve been feeling energised and ready to go at the beginning of each session and then able to recover and back up well for days after. I’ve been able to get a really solid blocks of training in recently and have started to see my form pick up too. I feel more consistent all round."

Lauren Perry - Australian Cycling Team

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