Modex Clinical Trials with La Trobe University

Mar 9, 2022

The in-depth study will investigate/validate the effects of Modex on muscle strength and endurance for Australian cyclists, AFL players, and CrossFit athletes.

Co-Founder of Modex, David McHenry, says the hypothesised results would mean individuals could recover, become healthier and physically fitter much quicker.

"This upcoming study will help confirm the benefits we are reading from the many happy customers online"

“[This study will] strengthen the already remarkable results of Pycnogenol on the human body and further prove its effectiveness in the Modex liquid formulation”, says McHenry.

morgan mitchell james tedesco Modex

Morgan Mitchell & James Tedesco share similar beliefs about the effectiveness of Modex. With Morgan stating is has been a "game-changer" for her training and otherwise busy life, whilst Teddy (James Tedesco) has stated it has been the most effective supplement he has ever taken. 

The key ingredient of Modex’s natural supplement is Pycnogenol, a herbal dietary supplement extracted from French maritime pine bark. It’s recognised for its potent antioxidant & anti inflammatory benefits as well as its ability to enhance cognitive function, endothelial function, and blood pressure regulation.

The effects on exercise performance and inflammatory responses are important, and the consumption of Modex has improved endurance and reduced stress post-exercise. La Trobe University first approached us in August 2020 looking to use our patent formula in a pre-clinical research project identifying Pycnogenol as a compound that improves recovery of muscle strength post injury. Since the initial discussions and additional pre trial tests, the project has expanded to a fully fledged clinical trial.

By examining the optimal timing and dosage of Modex, this upcoming study will help to confirm these benefits we are reading from the many happy customers online. It will establish the physiological mechanisms that explain the enhanced time to exhaustion during endurance activities.

"Identification of a naturally-occurring supplement that improves health and can potentially maintain or increase performance has wide-reaching benefits for society. This has the potential to reduce the overall cost of poor health and fitness to the healthcare system”. - states McHenry

La Trobe University will begin their 3-year clinical trial for Modex this year with the results of the study becoming available on their website in due course.


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