Can plant based supplements power the world’s next-generation athlete?

Jun 22, 2021

Written and Published 2020 in Modern Australia by Tess Sanders Lazarus

In what is expected to be a big development in the field of sport supplements, Modex has developed an all-natural, plant-based supplement that promises to keep athletes at peak performance.

Modex is a liquid-form supplement aimed at improving performance, endurance and recovery with all-natural ingredients.

Modex Clean Pre Workout

Brendan Howell is the Director of Arborvitae Health and Wellbeing, an Australian business that produces a range of products designed to quickly and efficiently re-set the immune system and bring down inflammation in the body.

 “Unlike a lot of sports supplements out there, Modex is all natural and entirely plant based. Athletes risk a lot by taking supplements that aren’t natural.  Fortunately, Modex is a healthy alternative that poses far less risks to the human body,” Howell said.

 “Modex is powered by Pycnogenol, the purest form of maritime pine bark extract. Pycnogenol maritime pine bark helps the human body adjust to physical activities and strenuous exercise by assisting to reduce inflammation in the body thereby promoting repair and recovery.”

Modex Next Generation Athletes Clean Supplements

According to Howell, plant-based remedies are the future of the supplement industry. Howell believes that the athlete market has been late to adopt all-natural substances that improve physical performance. 

“Plant based supplements are the future. There is a growing conversation about how sport affects athletes’ health. Athletes can’t just monitor things like broken bones, they now have to be aware of problems like concussion, brain health and mental health. Athletes are becoming more and more aware of the problems you don’t necessarily notice on the outside,” Howell said.

“The next-generation athlete will have to rely much more heavily natural substances to power their performances. They cannot risk doing further damage to their brain and their internal organs. 

Modex Next Generation Athletes Clean Supplements

“As awareness of doping has shot into the spotlight, athletes will have to be extra careful that they’re not taking any supplement that could potentially impact their careers. We’ve even seen athletes like Maria Sharapova suspended from playing tennis because they accidentally consumed a banned substance.

 “Plant based supplements all but remove that worry. They are far less likely to have banned ingredients hiding in them.

 Pycnogenol is a form of maritime tree bark, a substance that has improved the health and physical performance of native people for centuries. Athletes don’t have to rely on substances manufactured in a lab when the secrets to peak physical performance can be found in nature.”

Maritime tree bark was first discovered by native people in the Mediterranean and North American regions.   In the winter of 1535, the ship of French explorer named Jacques Cartier became stuck in ice in a river located in a region now known as Quebec (in Canada).

With no fruits or vegetables, many of Cartiers men died of scurvy.   Fortunately, native Americans showed Cartier how to create tea from tree bark.  As a result, the condition of many of Cartiers men improved and many of them survived.

 “Modex is for everyone from a professional athlete to a regular gym goer looking to take it to the next level,” Howell said.

Modex is most effective when used one to four hours prior to exercise.

Modex Hasta Certified Tested for WADA banned substances

Modex which contains Pycnogenol for sport nutrition is HASTA™ Certified, which means every batch is tested for more than 200 WADA banned substances. Certification involves more than just testing, it requires Modex® to have been through a comprehensive quality review and verification testing. 

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