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For optimum results, take 100ml of Modex daily for 4 weeks. This delivers a dosage of Pycnogenol consistent with results across multiple clinical trials for improving energy, endurance, recovery, focus & overall performance.

Daily Dose

Take 30-50ml a day for general health, fitness and well-being.

Taking daily ensure you are staying on top of inflammation in the body and ensuring good blood flow for the body to function more efficiently every day.

Training / Races / Busy Days

Take 100ml 1-4 hrs before high intensity training, events or the start of a busy day. Added stress on the body means more inflammation to fight and extra energy needed.


30 daily serves + 8 x travel shots delivered to you door monthly.
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Used by the best

James Tedesco

NRL Superstar

Jack Rayner

Olympic Runner

Tom Mitchell

AFL Brownlow medalist and premiership player

Modex VO2 max Performance

Dr Chris Van der Poel - Phd in Skeletal Muscle Physiology talks with Steve McKenna post race about the best way to take Modex in order to see/feel the effects.

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