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Feb 6, 2023

Modex which was founded in 2020 in Melbourne continues to grow rapidly and is gaining plenty of international attention due to their no compromise attitude to quality and focus on customer. Co-founder Marcus Howell says “Our mission is to help people become their healthiest and do their best physically and mentally.” On a journey to do this himself back in 2015 whilst working at a company that were conducting clinical trials on natural potent anti inflammatory formulations for the purpose of treating arthritis and type 2 diabetes Marcus discovered an extract from pine bark found in one particular Forrest in France called Pycnogenol which was developed by Swiss biotech giant Horphag Research. Under direction of a scientific team including formulators, doctors and naturopaths, he began taking a combination of Pycnogenol, Aloe Vera juice, Papain enzyme and honey in a convenient liquid formulation which is now known as Modex’s flagship product. Marcus says “I learnt about how helpful good circulation and the combatting of free radicals is. Free radical damage can lead to chronic health conditions. These actions may assist with preventing future health conditions, treating current ones and becoming the healthiest you can be. I tried many combinations of extracts, herbs and off the shelf not so natural supplements but nothing was as effective and as suitable for daily use without any side effects. Pycnogenol is one of the more expensive natural ingredients you can find but is well worth it.” 

Modex’s product is scientifically proven to be beneficial for immune support, energy, brain function, endurance and physical performance, healthy joints, blood circulation, inflammation reduction and recovery. "We were able to get traction in endurance sports as these users feel a noticeable difference in their performance and recovery fairly quickly and also see it in their performance data." Marcus says. Pycnogenol was paired with these other natural ingredients and made in liquid form for the purpose of optimal absorption, digestion and gentleness on the gut opposed to pills or capsules. 

The brand has amassed a cult following of those simply wanting to be healthier and have more energy and focus to those giving up caffeine, entrepreneurs, influencers and elite athletes wanting an edge competing on the world stage. NRL superstar James Tedesco said “It has become a daily ritual that has been a game changer for my training, recovery and health.” AFL Brownlow medallist Tom Mitchell, 2 x Olympian and influencer Morgan Mitchell, Commonwealth Games Medalist Luke Mathews, Ironman Oceania and World Champions Pete Jacobs and Tim Van Berkel and Australian cycling legend Robbie McEwan are users and ambassadors for the brand.

Marcus says “This is an unbelievably effective product which has a high degree of trust with customers.” This is reflected in Modex’s 67% return customer rate to their online store and growing wholesale program which includes health stores, pharmacies, naturopaths, recovery centres and sporting retailers. The majority of the brand's sales come online with a reasonable chunk of them being to overseas customers who are mainly in the US, Europe and Asia. Marcus said “Our ambitions are high and we have worked tirelessly bootstrapping this business to where it is today. We have a strong focus on innovation and our customers. We will continue to remain strategic and diligent in where this brand is seen and who we align with.”

The product contains no GMOs, no caffeine, no harmful ingredients and is diet-friendly whether you eat keto, paleo, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free or practice intermittent fasting.

The beverage is HASTA-Certified for Sport, a standard sought by many professional athletes and one of the most rigorous certification programs in the supplement industry, is a TGA listed supplement (AUST L 317584) and is made in Australia in a TGA-registered facility.

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