Promote Healing

Knocking out inflammation promotes healing daily, no matter the type of stress your body endures.

Support Mitchondrial Function

Pycnogenol increases pathways associated with Mitochondrial Biogenesis, resulting in a greater energy availability.

For more efficient functioning

Modex is a vital natural supplement taken daily to activate & boost important body functions for better health & performance

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Nutrition from food should be your #1 priority. If you're struggling with energy, recovery, focus or generally feeling run down, it's crucial to ensure your body runs efficiently before turning to additional supplements. Tap through to find your ideal Modex dosage for the first 30 days


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Naturally Boost Your Systems


Modex naturally boosts Nitric Oxide production which improves blood flow for faster uptake of nutrients and oxygen, allowing the body to generate more energy, faster.


Pycnogenol® powers performance, and post-exercise recovery. It is a powerful antioxidant & anti-inflammatory which improves endothelial function & micro-circulation, reducing inflammation & stimulating hyaluronic acid and collagen alleviating joint discomfort.


The active metabolites of Pycnogenol® build up inside the endothelial blood cells and have been proven to pass the blood-brain barrier. The ability to help endothelial cells produce more nitric oxide (NO) has multiple effects on brain function.


Boost your immune system with Pycnogenol's powerful antioxidant that enhance the effectiveness of Vitamins C and E. Proven through extensive research and historical use, Modex helps extend vitamin benefits, offering superior immune support. Ideal for fortifying your health during the cold season.

Natural Ingredients


A natural blend of procyanidins, bioflavonoids, and organic acids with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It aids endothelial nitric oxide production for blood vessel dilation, improves physical and mental health and supports collagen and hyaluronic acid production.

Aloe Vera

With over 200 natural nutrients from cold-pressed organic inner leaf juice. It includes 20 amino acids (7 essential), vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, E, folic acid, choline, biotin, selenium), minerals (calcium, copper, chromium, manganese, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc), mucopolysaccharides, polysaccharides, enzymes, and fatty acids.

Papain Enzyme

A proteolytic enzyme from papaya, reduces pain, inflammation, and swelling. Used in Modex to digest proteins and absorb amino acids, it blocks harmful gut bacteria growth, maintaining a healthy microbiome. As an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it neutralises excess free radicals, preventing chronic diseases.


Primarily composed of sugar, it provides small amounts of several vitamins and minerals, and is rich in health-promoting plant compounds known as polyphenols. We use it as an ideal natural sweetener.

Science Based

40+ Years of Research

The extract has been widely studied for the past 40 years, with more than 160 clinical trials and 450 scientific publicationsensuring safety and efficacy as an ingredient.

La Trobe University Trials

Our In-depth study will further investigate the effects of Modex on muscle strength and endurance in Australian cyclists, AFL players, and CrossFit athletes.

Trusted & Certified

HASTA Certified

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TGA Listed

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Australian Owned

Made in Melbourne from local & imported ingredients in a TGA-registered facility

Blood flow matters

Taking Modex daily can significantly improve blood flow within the first month - Boosting nutrient and oxygen uptake. This is essential to your body functioning efficiently and feeling better every day.

To improve health and performance, it’s easy to turn to multivitamins and mineral supplements. However, the critical role of blood flow in nutrient absorption is vital.

Additionally, Modex reduces inflammation and neutralises free radicals, which helps lower blood pressure, enhances mental health, and alleviates chronic issues.

Used by top performing athletes

Morgan Mitchell


"What sparked my interest in this product was the plethora of scientific evidence on its natural active ingredient Pycnogenol and the amount of benefits it has. It assists with immunity, performance, recovery and mental focus. It is a game-changer for training and people living busy lives"

Tom Mitchell

AFL - Brownlow Medalist

"Modex is scientifically formulated to have you always feeling on. It allows you to power through your day - whatever it throws at you"

James Tedesco

NRL - Dally M Medalist

"Such an easy to drink supplement that sees a dramatic improvement with energy, rate of recovery and the capacity to fit more into your training load. It also gives peace of mind knowing it is batch tested for banned substances"


"I added Modex to my supplement stack 6 months ago. I have since taken 30ml daily and feel more energised and i'm recovering better. Not only do I have the ability to work harder in the gym, I'm getting more km's in the legs".

Ben Seymour
PT & Online Coach

"I’ve just completed 5 weeks averaging 106km/week running. I’ve never run that much in my life. And I”ve been taking Modex since around early december, I felt better in the weeks following. I feel Modex is clearly an avenue for those who want to train harder with less free radicals spending time floating around causing excess inflammation. In short, I feel great"

Pete Jacobs
IM World Champion

"Trying to balance full time work and an extensive training program is challenging at the best of times. It is unbelievable how effortless my training has become since taking Modex daily. I recover better and I'm able to hit it day after day without the same level of lethargy"

Briony Mattocks

“I’m loving using Modex daily. I think it's really making a difference to my energy and performance. Love what you’re doing. Such a standout product.”

Nicole Leadbeatter
Personal Trainer

“I’ve been using your product most days now before training and racing and I really think it’s helping me. I’ve been feeling energised and ready to go at the beginning of each session and then able to recover and back up well for days after. I’ve been able to get a really solid blocks of training in recently and have started to see my form pick up too. I feel more consistent all round."

Lauren Perry
Professional Cyclist

"Modex is great for training. It provides longer lasting energy by utilising more of your bodies nutrients. No spikes and crashes throughout the day. It is brilliant for big and tough sessions."

Tim Berkel
5 x Ironman Champion

160+ Clinical Trials

Pycnogenol® extract in Modex, is among the most extensively researched ingredients in the world. 40+ years and 250 scientific publications. It is renowned for its safety and effectiveness, promoting healthy blood circulation and serving as a potent natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Achieve 46% Better Blood Flow and Oxygenation

Pycnogenol® enhances blood flow by up to 46%, ensuring optimal muscle oxygenation & nutrient uptake, allowing for stronger performance during exercise & a faster recovery.

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Boost Endurance and Reduce Training Pain

Clinical studies show a 10% improvement in triathlon times (for a standard 100min tri) and significant decrease in post-training pain and fatigue with Pycnogenol® supplementation.

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Increase Your Exercise Performance

Pycnogenol® intake for 8 weeks improved performance and endurance in males and females. Decreasing the a 2 mile run by 11% and increasing the number of sit-ups (+23%) and push-ups (+12%)

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