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For optimum results, supplement 100ml of Modex daily for a 4 week period. This delivers a dosage of Pycnogenol which is consistent with the results across many clinical trials for improving energy, athletic performance, focus & immunity

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$119/mo One time $138
30 daily serves & 8 x boost serves

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Modex Performance Daily

$2.26/serving (30 serves)

1 litre bottle

  • Kick start your health
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  • Contains Gold Standard Pine Bark extract (Pycnogenol)
30-day money back guarantee

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Tim Van Berkel, 5 x Ironman Champion

"Modex is incredible for training. It provides longer lasting energy by utilising more of your body's nutrients. No spikes and crashes throughout the day. It is brilliant for big and tough sessions''.

James Tedesco, NRL Footballer & 2019 Dally M Winner.

“Modex improves energy, gives you the capacity to fit more into your training load, your ability to focus which helps when under pressure and speeds up the rate in which you recover.”

Tom Mitchell, AFL Footballer, 2018 Brownlow Medalist.

“I always feel on, it allows you to power through your day whatever it throws at you.” 

Morgan Mitchell, Australian track athlete, 2 x Olympian

“There is a plethora of scientific evidence supporting the use of Pycnogenol. It assists with immunity, performance, recovery and mental focus. It's a game changer for training and leading a busy life.”

Steve McKenna, 2023 Aus Ironman Champion

“My training load has increased and I am not getting sick, which is incredibly rare when you have young kids. I feel great”  

James Newbury, 4 x Australias fittest man

“I feel extremely focused and energetic when taking Modex”

Robbie McEwan, Former Australian cyclist and Commentator

“This stuff is next level”

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