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Sep 1, 2020

Jennah Salkeld Ultra marathon pycnogenol sports supplement modex
What is your typical preparation for peak performance?

Essentially I focus on two primary elements:

1. Mindset

2. Physical training

I prepare to the best of my ability for what i can control, and allow space for what I cannot control. 

What do you strive for in each session?

Over the past year since beginning my journey into ultra-marathon running, I primarily focused on mindset. I was on the backend of adrenal fatigue post living overseas, and refocused the power of my mind, from destructive patterns that were making me unwell, to growth and human connection. As i continue to develop and build beautiful friendships, I am now beginning to compliment this with exploration into speed and increased endurance.

Jennah Salkeld ultra marathon pycnogenol sports supplement modex

Do you have goals each week / month, or just one for the year ahead? If so, what do they look like and what’s your 2020 goal

This is obviously a time of change as we are restricted in our domestic and international movements. I had planned to run 250km in Sri Lanka in March 2020 however this was cancelled due to Covid-19. I now plan to run in October the same 250km multi-stage run I completed last year in Jordan, being stronger and more experienced. My overarching goals are always to try my best, learn about myself, connect with others and ensure it is always a positive experience no matter what happens. In relation to training, I have an excel spreadsheet in which I track my training daily in the lead up to an event.

What impact does training have on your mental health/clarity?

Training is therapy to me; a form of meditation. Each and everyone of us has the power to shift our disempowering emotional states, just by shifting our emotional energy in our physiology. Running is an effective way of doing this, which is also complimented by being out in nature; medicine for the soul. Sometimes I find myself reflecting and writing in my notes as I run, and sometimes I just put on some upbeat music and feel uplifted. Exercise is personal power we have access to at every moment.

Jennah Salkeld ultra marathon pycnogenol sports supplement modex

What does it feel like when you find your mode?

It’s that true flow state. I really feel this, when I am involved in something where I know most would give up. My mode is best reflected when I have those limiting thoughts that I want to give up, and I tell myself, that is just a signal that I am just getting started!

Jennah Salkeld ultra marathon pycnogenol sports supplement modex

How has Modex assisted your day to day regimen?

I’ve really appreciated introducing Modex into my training regime as I feel an increase in endurance and a support in recovery. Coming into ultra-running I was really surprised to see how all of these healthy people were having to turn to unhealthy supplements. It is amazing that Modex is genuinely good for you, an all natural supplement, that has all of the benefits required for peak performance.

Jennah Salkeld Ultra marathon pycnogenol sports supplement Modex

The quick 3….

What’s the one song that gets you going.. always?

Quick musical doodles by Two Feet      

What’s your typical post workout fuel?

Fruit smoothie with chocolate protein powder

Give us one top training tip?

Make sure you are enjoying the journey. I see a lot of people passionately get into their chosen sport and slowly as their desire for competition increases, their sense of fulfilment decreases. If you are facing resistance, ask yourself why? Become aware of what has changed for you, and clear it out. Generally it’s because people change their focus from themselves, to others. Bring it back to you.

Jennah Salkeld Ultra marathon pycnogenol sports supplement modex

Jennah Salkeld is a mindset coach & empowerment mentor, ultra marathon runner & survivor contestant. 


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