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At Modex, our vision is to empower individuals to reach their full potential by providing clean and effective performance nutrition. We believe in harnessing the power of nature and science to enhance our bodies' natural abilities and drive optimal performance. Our founders are dedicated to creating a daily nutritional solution that is both scientifically advanced and naturally sourced. We want to allow our customers to live their best lives and achieve their goals, both physically and mentally. Join us on our mission to Do More. Naturally. Every Day.

Natural Ingredients.

TGA listed medicine

HASTA™ certified for athletes to be confident.

La Trobe University clinical trial partnership.

Used by professional athletes.

Australian owned & made.

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A clinical study showed the ability of Pycnogenol® to improve sport performance in athletes training for a 100 minute triathlon. ⁠
Pycnogenol® intake for 4 weeks improved performance in reducing the overall triathlon time by 10% and dramatically prevented the increase in oxidative stress due to an intense effort. ⁠

The athletes reported less posttraining pain and fatigue. In conclusion Pycnogenol® enables faster recovery (Vinciguerra et al., 2013).⁠

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Pycnogenol was subject to a (double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over study design). ⁠Athletes were performing under controlled conditions on a treadmill with individual setting adjusted to 85% of a person’s maximal oxygen consumption to prevent too rapid exhaustion and reduce anaerobic metabolism. ⁠

The outcome of the study showed a statistical significant increase of endurance of athletes while taking Pycnogenol® as compared to endurance recorded while on placebo.⁠ A 21% increase of endurance on a treadmill. ⁠[Pavlovic, 1999]

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