How i find my mode - Tim Berkel

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What is your typical preparation for peak performance?

I have a coach that helps me get in peak performance for my races, depending on which distance they are will depend on how long the training block lasts for. Coming into all my races I do a tapper, whether that be for just one week or two weeks. We start to back off the work load so that I go into races very fresh legged!

What do you strive for in each session?

It really depends on what goals my coach has outlined, they can be things like do a bike effort for a certain period of time , holding a certain average watts etc …

My training is very structured, which is what I need/like as I have a family and can’t afford to waste any time by not making sure each session counts and I achieve what is set out to do in each session.


Do you have goals each week / month, or just one for the year ahead? If so, what do they look like and what’s your 2020 goal

Over Christmas break I sit down with my wife and coach and we map out my key races for the year. The big goal each year is to qualify and race Kona (Ironman World Championships).

I would like to do 70.3 worlds again but find even though I qualify for it, it just doesn’t help timing wise doing that race leading into my ironman Kona prep.

I also do a number of races for my sponsors (alska milk, giant etc.. ) where they are either hosting the race or the major sponsor of it.

What impact does training have on your mental health/clarity?

Training hard constantly doesn’t suit me mentally or my body physically especially now I’m in my mid 30’s. That’s why we preset my calendar to make sure I have enough recovery breaks between races so that my body is at its peak mentally and physically when I need it to perform.

What does it feel like when you find your mode?

When all cylinders are firing I’m on fire , there’s no better feeling than that 100% but I always want more so that’s why I’m still so hungry to keep racing and can’t wait for them  to start up again soon after covid 19.


How has Modex assisted your day to day regimen?

Modex is a big part in my daily dietary regime. I use it daily and also when racing. I’m one of those people who can get sick pretty easily as I’m always pushing my body beyond its limits, so without supplements like modex I feel my body wouldn’t feel as good as it does each day. 


The quick 3….

What’s the one song that gets you going.. always?

Rufus – Inner Bloom            

What’s your typical post workout fuel?

Modex and a protein smoothie

Give us one top training tip?

Recovery is key ! Don’t be afraid to take a rest day !


Tim Berkel is a Modex Team racer. Keep up to date with him 



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