Do More.
Every Day.

Our vision is to help you harness your body's natural ability.

We are focused on;

1. What's most important for keeping your body active & healthy.

2. Ingredients that are natural, plant based, backed bv science and tested for banned substances.

3. Preparing your body for its absolute best.

We are here to find your perfect mode.

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We have carefully selected 3 local and important plant based ingredients, Aloe Vera, Papain Enzyme and Pycnogenol, clinically proven in sports nutrition for better performance, endurance & recovery and in areas for supporting a healthy immune system.

We developed a patent formulation over 20 years, to ensure a synergistic effect, which activates your body to produce more energy, think clearer, combat inflammation and reduce the aftermath of a workout.

What is it?

Modex comes as an oral liquid supplement. It is best loaded at 100ml for 2 weeks, then taken daily at 30ml to maintain general health and boost your immune system or 100ml before exercise for better performance and to reduce the aftermath of a workout.

Prepare Your Body for It's Best

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