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100ml Power Shot


100ml Power Shot

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30 Day
Modex Daily Pycnogenol Supplement


30 Days Supply 

Natural Energy, Recovery, Mental Clarity

Clinically proven ingredients

Banned substance tested - HASTA certified


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90 Day
Modex Daily Pycnogenol Supplement


90 Days Supply 

Clinically trialled ingredients

Banned substance tested - HASTA certified

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180 Day
Modex Daily Pycnogenol Supplement


180 Days Supply 

Clinically trialled ingredients

Banned substance tested - HASTA certified

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Sample Pack 4 x 100ml


4 x 100ml  Shots

See what benefits Modex can bring to your workouts

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Energy & Performance

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HASTA™ Certified

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Pycnogenol play's an important role with physical activity because it is clinically proven to aid the body in producing nitric oxide (NO), thus enhancing blood microcirculation, improving blood flow to the muscles and acting as an energy enhancer. This helps the body achieve peak muscle performance and speeds recovery after exercise, which may result in a reduction of muscular aches in both athletes and healthy individuals. #beyourbest

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Pycnogenol supplementation may help cognitive function, attention and performance in daily activities. Pycnogenol® is a registered trademark of Horphag Research Ltd. Use of this ingredient may be protected by one or more US patents and other international patents.

Frequently asked questions

What is Modex®?

Modex is a natural liquid supplement, containing clinically proven Pycnogenol, aloe vera, papain enzyme & honey.

Consumed daily or before exercise for enhanced performance (physically and mentally)preventing injuries & promoting recovery.

Better health and wellbeing in a single daily shot.

What is Pycnogenol?

Pycnogenol® is a water-soluble flavanoid extracted from French maritime pine bark (Pinus Pinaster). With more than 40+ years of scientific research & 160 clinical trials, it is one of the most studied natural ingredients available.

It is a clinically proven Nitric Oxide generator, Potent Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant and aids regeneration of Hyaluronic Acid for better joints.

Who should take Modex?

Modex is perfect for anyone wanting to get the best out of their body.

Improve performance, aid recovery & have a clear mind, so you can train harder and be ready each day. Ideal for all levels of fitness.

Is Modex tested for banned substances?

Modex which contains Pycnogenol for sport nutrition is HASTA™ Certified, which means every batch is tested for more than 200 WADA banned substances. Certification involves more than just testing, it requires Modex® to have been through a comprehensive quality review and verification testing.

When do i take Modex?

Modex liquid tonic is best taken daily or before working out.

1. Consume 100ml 1 - 4 hours prior to training/race or game day or 

2. Take 30ml anytime of the day to maintain general health and fitness

A suitable loading period when first starting is 100ml daily for 2 weeks.

What's the recommended dosage of Modex?

Consistency is key - Modex should be taken daily.

Daily maintenance: 30ml (morning, lunch or evening)

Loading: 100ml 1-4 hours prior to training/race or game day

We Recommend 4 weeks supplementation of an ave 150mg* Pycnogenol a day to see optimum results with your body’s performance, endurance, ability to recover and mental clarity.

* 100ml serving contains 260mg Pycnogenol®

Maximum daily dosage 100mL.

Why is Modex in liquid form?

Modex is a well balanced formula with a concentration purposely made to mimic other bodily fluids like blood (same osmotic pressure). This optimises the rapid absorption of nutrients (in particular Pycnogenol) into the bloodstream. 

Papain enzymes plays a key role in clearing your stomach at an optimal rate in order to maximise absorption. It allows our tonic to move from the stomach to your small intestine in a fast controlled way, resisting nutrient degradation and being gentle on your system. 

How many serves in the 1 litre?

1 litres gives you up to one months supply if on a maintenance schedule (30mls per day) and a little less if you are also loading with 100mls.

How much Pycnogenol per 100ml

Each 100ml contains 260mg of Pycnogenol. One of the most concentrated and effective formulas availabe. 

Are the ingredients vegan/organic/plant based?

Our ingredients are natural and plant based, Pycnogenol, Aloe Vera, Papain Enzyme and Honey

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