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The ultimate performance
and recovery supplement.

40 years of research / TGA Listed

Powered by Pycnogenol®

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Modex Every Day - 1 litre

Improve training & performance

Help maintain stamina
Help to increase muscle performance
Reduce cramps and muscular pain during and after exercise

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Refill Saver Pack

Refill Saver Pack

Up to 18 x re-usable 100ml doses
Improve training & performance

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BULK BUY 3 @ $66 each

3 x 1 Litre

3 Months Supply or 30 Races / Training sessions

Tax included.

Modex 8 x 100ml Shots

8 x 100ml Daily Shots

Potent Anti-Oxidant / Anti Inflammatory & rich in flavanoids
Support a healthy immune system

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BULK BUY 6 @ $60 each

6 x 1 Litre

6 Months Supply or 60 Races / Training sessions

Tax included.

Pycnogenol Powered

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Energy & Performance

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Muscle Recovery

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Naturally Sourced

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Mental Clarity

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Science Based

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What do Athletes say about Modex?

  • IM World Champion - Pete Jacobs

    "I’ve never run that much in my life"

    "I’ve just completed 5 weeks averaging 106km/week running. I’ve never run that much in my life. And I”ve been taking Modex since around early december, I felt better in the weeks following. I feel Modex is clearly an avenue for those who want to train harder with less free radicals spending time floating around causing excess inflammation. In short, I feel great"

  • Cyclist - Lauren Perry

    "Started to see my form pick up"

    “I’ve been using your product most days now before training and racing and I really think it’s helping me. I’ve been feeling energised and ready to go at the beginning of each session and then able to recover and back up well for days after. I’ve been able to get a really solid blocks of training in recently and have started to see my form pick up too. I feel more consistent all round."

  • 4 x IM Champion - Tim Berkel

    Incredible for training'

    “Modex has been great for my training. With longer-lasting energy throughout the day and also great for recovery after those tough sessions. Definitely worth a try.”

  • Pro Triathlete - Levi Hauwert

    "Is this shit legal"

    "I started taking Modex in the lead up to 2019 Ironman Hawaii. It’s the first supplement I have started taking. After a few days called the guys at Modex and asked, what is this shit, is it legal" When you are deep in an ironman training block it definitely gives you that bit of freshness and extra energy you need".

  • Triathlete - Paul Marchant

    "I have longer lasting energy throughout the day"

    "I've been using Modex every day now for the past few weeks and have found I have longer lasting energy throughout the day and better recovery. It's easy to consume as the berry taste is nice compared to some other products...and backed by science which makes it even more appealing. Definitely worth a try!"

  • Ultra Marathon - Jennah Louise

    "Helped with clarity of cognition"

    "I can say with confidence Modex has certainly helped with clarity of cognition, as I've had brain fog for months (I assume due to training). So excited to continue using and reaping the benefits!"

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Frequently asked questions

What is Modex?

Modex is a sports and exercise supplement designed to provide enhanced performanceendurance and recovery 

Who should take Modex?

Modex is for professional & recreational athletes

Is Modex tested for banned substances?

Modex is tested by an independent laboratory for WADA banned substances.

When do i take Modex?

Modex can be taken several ways. 

-Ideally it should be consumed 1 - 4 hours prior to an event/race or exercise regimen.

-You can also take it daily for general health and fitness

-You can take it post an exercise or race for focused recovery

What's the recommended dosage of Modex?

Consistency is key, we recommend taking Modex every day.

Daily maintenance dosage is 30ml so a 1L bottle will last about a month.

Loading Phase, take 100ml 1-4 hours prior to a strenuous workout or an event.

Maximum daily dosage 100mL.

Typically users have a 'hallelujah’ moment after they have consumed at least 1 Litre, really beginning to see the difference in your bodies performance, ability to recover and mental clarity. 

Or as we like to say find their mode.

Why is Modex in liquid form?

Modex is in liquid form to optimise the rapid absorption into the bloodstream. It is also berry flavoured and tastes just like juice.

How many serves in the 1 litre?

1 litres gives you up to one months supply if on a maintenance schedule (30mls per day) and a little less if you are also loading with 100mls before an event or strenuous workout. 

What is Pycnogenol?

Pycnogenol® is the US registered trademark name for a product derived from the pine bark of a tree known as Pinus pinaster Pycnogenol® aids the body in producing Nitric Oxide which enhances blood microcirculation and endurance and improves blood flow to the muscles which speeds recovery after exercise and results in reduction of pain and cramps. 

Pycnogenol® is the most highly researched natural ingredient and has been scientifically proven to be the most powerful natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory available. Unlike many vitamins that last less than an hour in your body, Pycnogenol® keeps working for up to 24hrs in your body.

How much Pycnogenol per 100ml

Each 100ml contains 260mg of Pycnogenol. One of the most concentrated formulations in the market. 

Pycnogenol supplementation may help cognitive function, attention and performance in daily activities. Pycnogenol® is a registered trademark of Horphag Research Ltd. Use of this ingredient may be protected by one or more US patents and other international patents.

Do More. Naturally. Every Day.

We get it, rain, hail or shine, sometimes training sucks. One day you feel like nothing can stop you. Like you’ve. found your perfect mode. The next? Your legs are like. bricks. It’s completely, annoyingly unpredictable. That’s why. we’ve spent years crafting Modex for sport and exercise. Natures antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, Pycnogenol, is. optimised to help your performance, endurance and recovery. Our vision is to help you harness more of your body’s natural. ability so you can consistently do more. Naturally. Every Day.