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Modex delivers benefits to you naturally every day. The more you use it, the better your performance and recovery.

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Take 100mL 1-4 hours prior (optimum) to a strenuous workout or an event.

100ml contains: 260mg Pycnogenol

(100ml is maximum daily dose)

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Or referred to as 'maintenance dose'

Take 30ml per day for general health & fitness.

30ml contains: 78mg Pycnogenol

We recommend taking for a minimum 4 weeks to see optimum results with your body’s performance, endurance, ability to recover and mental clarity.

Our 4 week program ensures you get an average of 156mg Pycnogenol per serve a day. Consistent with dosages across clinical trials.

The program is 30ml a day for 4 weeks and a 100ml dose 2-3 times per week before training.

Maximum daily dose 100ml

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