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We believe (and science validates) that vitamins, minerals  & essential amino acids are in their best form when consumed through food. 

What we also believe (and is often overlooked), is how well our engine is working. That's our blood flow, the level of inflammation in our body and level of free radicals that cause unwanted reactions.

What is it?

Modex is a Pycnogenol based oral liquid optimised with other plant active ingredients (Aloe Vera & Papain Enzyme) to assist your performance, endurance and recovery for every day health and fitness goals.

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Modex and its powerful plant active ingredients, like Pycnogenol, work to reduce inflammation, neutralize free radicals and improve blood flow. This means more oxygen and nutrients can be delivered to our cells which leads to; 

Better, longer lasting energy, faster recovery, mental clarity and a better overall wellbeing. 

Modex potentiates your body. 

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